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Fiùtur Provides SMART Solutions

Standard  Market Asset & Registry Template (SMART)
connects financing with verifiable outcomes.

SMART Programs

Programmatically encode governance and commercial terms across transparent, enforced and automated dMRV protocols to deliver SMART Outcomes. SMART Programs can be configured to deliver almost any SMART Outcome.

SMART Outcomes

Key environmental metrics, and associated data packages, that can be distributed to or referenced by lenders, asset registries and reporting platforms to verify environmental outcomes or form the basis for creating environmental assets on a registry.

SMART Programs Solve for Trust.

SMART Programs provide access to provable, performance-based results from capital formation to end-of-life reporting, and seamlessly integrate outcomes into the financial ecosystem.


SMART Programs:

  • SMART Programs incorporate commercial and legal obligations across multiple parties and science-based, independently governed protocols.

  • Governance is enforced legally and digitally in smart contracts. 

  • Governance can be extended to include small-holders and/or sovereign rights.

Programmatically encode multi-party governance
  • Digital Monitoring Reporting and Verification (dMRV) data is available and configurable.

  • Permissioned subscribers can review outcomes and data provenance for all assets.

  • Governance processes are transparent and available through a digital interface.

Deliver trusted information on real world outcomes
  • SMART can be applied to specialized, sector specific workflow and data aggregation platforms. 

  • SMART integrates specialized and proprietary data sets with 3rd party validation.

Interoperability with advanced workflow patterns
  • SMART Outcomes can support any asset registry via a common, referenceable, and auditable format. 

  • Full lifecycle data for assets—from creation to ongoing maintenance to retirement—mitigates the risk of double counting.

Enable asset registration and maintenance
  • Investors can identify and reliably monitor project performance according to KPIs.

  • Common infrastructure enables syndication of transition finance instruments.

Create value and unlock capital flows
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