Feb 22, 2024

Introductory Governance Framework for SMART

Fiùtur’s platform facilitates a network for global market participants to generate and deliver trustworthy information and optimize capital allocation in the transition economy. A primary goal is to enable capital market participants to see, price, and track environmental performance across multiple industrial, agricultural, and energy decarbonization pathways with a high degree of credibility and trust, thereby accelerating the network effect of climate-related insights and information.

This document provides an Introductory Data Governance Framework for participants and programs operating on the Fiùtur platform. The framework outlines how to leverage rapidly emerging data systems to access a variety of insights and digitized environmental assets that support efficient allocation of capital towards scalable, low-carbon technologies, and other innovations for the next-generation economy.

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Fiùtur is led by world-renowned technology, finance, policy, regulation, and data experts, all working together to accelerate the energy transition through trust and transparency.