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Use Case


Global financial institutions and their clients producing oil and gas are leveraging Fiùtur's SMART Methane Program to register verified methane performance SMART outcomes for sustainability financing, compliance reporting, potential price premiums, and other applications in supporting a comprehensive, science-based energy transition.

Use Case

Carbon Capture, Storage, and Utilization

Advanced technologies are being deployed to reduce the carbon intensity of energy fuels, chemical feedstocks, plastics, steel, concrete, and other commodity materials. Fiùtur’s SMART "CarbonCapture" Program digitizes and registers assets in the form of offsets or insets representing verified CO2 removals that can transfer from producers and refiners to downstream customers (e.g., consumer brands, airlines, utilities) for GHG disclosures, regulatory compliance, and decarbonization targets.

Fiùtur is led by world-renowned technology, finance, policy, regulation, and data experts, all working together to accelerate the energy transition through trust and transparency.