Scaling the transition economy

A Digital Verification Network for the Transition Economy

Today, the global energy transition is inhibited by open-ended risk resulting from fragmented data, finance, markets, and reporting.

Fiùtur enables market participants to thrive in the transition economy

A network hub that generates and delivers provable, real-world outcomes to global markets.


Unleashing new possibilities with SMART and LINK

The Standardized Market Asset & Registry Template (SMART) is an integrated, multi-party governance framework, data architecture, and technology platform.

It can be configured into programs (SMART Programs) to codify almost any physical outcome (SMART Outcomes).


The Linear Integrated Numeric Knowledge (LINK) system is an extensible suite of numeric identifiers that links SMART Outcomes with highly specialized platforms across the energy transition lifecycle.


Unlocking growth across the ecosystem

Fiùtur’s ecosystem enables a broad array of participants to identify, build, and distribute value in new ways.

GHG Project Developers

  • Increase asset value.

  • Expand access to capital.

  • Accelerate time to market.

  • Reduce development risk.

  • Access unique data and information.

  • Bolster optionality across capital providers, asset registries, and reporting platforms.

Financial Institutions

  • Mitigate greenwashing risk through provable KPIs.

  • Accelerate deployment of transition capital.

  • Simplify interactions across stakeholders.

  • Syndicate transition finance instruments.

Transition Economy Participants

  • Expand access to transition capital across almost any sector.

  • Build flexibility to address emerging regulations.

  • Substantiate performance claims.

  • Reduce reporting complexity.

Data and Service Providers in the Transition Economy

  • Expand market access.

  • Accelerate speed to market.

  • Grow brand awareness.

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs.

  • Secure recurring revenue streams.

Fiùtur’s first-of-its-kind technology is accelerating the transition, today


Trust Infrastructure for the Transition Economy

The objectives of this document are to:

  • Outline a systemic approach that enables all participants to obtain trustworthy, actionable information by interacting through digitized governance roles within a common “trust architecture” to finance the energy transition.

  • Invite all stakeholders to participate in the development of this open trust architecture going forward.


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Fiùtur is led by world-renowned technology, finance, policy, regulation, and data experts, all working together to accelerate the energy transition through trust and transparency.