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Trust Infrastructure for the Transition Economy

Transitioning to a sustainable economy requires up to $200 trillion dollars of investment between now and 2050. The lack of access to relevant, trustworthy information across finance, market, and reporting platforms increases risk and inhibits investment, delaying rather than accelerating the energy transition.

Interoperable and Scalable Governance

Fiùtur has developed an open architecture system to incorporate digitally-enabled governance and connect provable, real-world outcomes with global markets.

As a result, a diverse set of actors can interact within a common trust architecture that delivers value to all participants. The Fiùtur ecosystem incorporates financial institutions and other capital providers, proprietary and public data sources, insurers, technical firms, certification bodies, industry players, project developers, environmental-commodity registries and markets, corporates, and a myriad of others.

Reliable information must become an abundant resource.

Value Architecture 

Fiùtur enables value creation for energy transition participants:

GHG Project Developers:

  • Increase asset value

  • Expand access to capital

  • Accelerate time to market

  • Reduce development risk

  • Access unique data and information

  • Bolster optionality across capital providers, asset registries, and reporting platforms

Financial Institutions:

  • Mitigate greenwashing risk through provable KPIs

  • Accelerate deployment of transition capital

  • Simplify interactions across stakeholders 

  • Syndicate transition finance instruments

Transition Economy Participants:

  • Expand access to transition capital across almost any sector

  • Build flexibility to address emerging regulations

  • Substantiate performance claims

  • Reduce reporting complexity

Data and Service Providers in the Transition Economy:

  • Expand market access

  • Accelerate speed to market

  • Grow brand awareness

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs

  • Secure recurring revenue streams


Trust Infrastructure for the Transition Economy

Progress toward the clean-energy economy is accelerating, but financing remains a fraction of the trillions of dollars needed annually to reach climate targets. A commonly cited challenge is the fragmentation of data combined with a lack of standardization, which undermines the integrity of energy-transition metrics and claims, creating open-ended risk and inhibiting scale.

Our Expanding Partner Ecosystem

Financial Institutions  |  Data Providers  |  Project Developers  |  Audit Firms  |  Advisory and Certification Firms 
Insurance Providers 
|  Market Operators  |  Asset Registry Providers  |  GHG Reporting Platforms  |  Technical Providers 

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