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Feb 4, 2024

Fiùtur Expands Capital Raise as Demand for SMART Programs in $Multi-Trillion Energy Transition Market Surges

Fiùtur today announced that it is expanding its ongoing capital raise as it accelerates its growth outlook based on demand for Standard Market Asset & Registry Template (SMART) Programs across multiple economic and industrial sectors. The move follows the company’s spin out of Xpansiv last June and the recent release of its pioneering white paper outlining a “Digital Trust Network” to generate and deliver provable, real-world outcomes to global markets.

The expanded raise will build on its strong existing foundation of initial investors, which included WestCap, TRIREC, SBI Group, Communitas Capital, and Banpu. Fiùtur determined that the market demand for trusted information strongly positions the company to mobilize additional resources to facilitate the implementation of its sustainable infrastructure to support SMART Program deployment.

“Going forward, carbon and other intangible factors will be incorporated into every aspect of the global economic system” said Joe Madden, CEO at Fiùtur. “Fiùtur has assembled an unparalleled team of experts across multiple disciplines and built modular, standardized components for a digital trust network. We are raising capital to scale.“

Fiùtur’s ecosystem is rapidly expanding. Recent developments with infrastructure partner Nammu21, carbon developer DevvStream, and participation in UAE’s ‘Future of Food Financing’ Panel at COP28 are indicative of the reach and pace of Fiùtur’s expansion with increasing acceleration expected in the coming months.


Fiùtur has developed an open architecture to enable the programmatic encoding of governance and commercial terms across transparent, digitally-enforced and automated measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) protocols to deliver provable, real-world outcomes to global markets. The Fiùtur ecosystem incorporates financial institutions and other capital providers, proprietary and public data sources, insurers, technical firms, certification bodies, industry players, project developers, environmental-commodity registries and markets, corporates, and a myriad of others. To find out more about Fiùtur, please visit

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Fiùtur is led by world-renowned technology, finance, policy, regulation, and data experts, all working together to accelerate the energy transition through trust and transparency.