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Mar 26, 2024

Fiùtur Expands Partner Ecosystem to Accelerate Global Energy Transition

Fiùtur, the digital trust network for the energy transition economy, today unveiled its expanded partner ecosystem. This move underscores the increasing demand for transparency and interoperability in the Transition Economy. As global efforts to shift towards sustainable practices intensify, Fiùtur is connecting a vast, cross-sectoral ecosystem of participants to create the financial, insurance and market products to underpin the Transition.

Fiùtur’s common information format, initial governance framework and Transition Data Hub enables collaboration across organizations - capital providers, insurers, standards bodies, auditors, digital Measurement, Reporting and Verification (dMRV) providers and producers across energy, agriculture, and materials - to develop products and solutions necessary to enable the Energy Transition in a trusted environment.

"We value our strategic partnership with Fiutur and are excited to continue to collaborate on innovative programs such as the Canton Network," said Eric Saraniecki, Co-founder and Head of Strategic Initiatives at Digital Asset. "Greater interoperability is critical to unlocking next-generation efficiencies, new business models, and mutual benefits for all stakeholders across capital markets, and we are excited to work alongside forward-thinking firms like Fiutur who are making this next-generation network of networks a reality."

Fiutur’s expanded partner ecosystem includes leading providers of data such as Orbital Sidekick, Earth with Planet Labs, Carbon AI, Project Canary and Aerologix, key infrastructure partners such as Digital Asset, Xpansiv and Nammu21, cross-industry trade organization EDM Council and leading transition advisory firm Pollination.

Joe Madden, CEO of Fiùtur, articulates the vision of the partner ecosystem:

"There are two questions in the Transition Economy: (1) What risk do you need to manage? and (2) What products do you want to create? We applied many years of learnings across a multi-disciplinary team to provide the technology, ecosystem and governance framework so that participants in the Transition Economy can build demand-driven products and solutions in relation to these foundational questions. We’re very excited to see this partner ecosystem evolving so rapidly.”

Fiùtur’s “network of networks” enables trustworthy, comparable data and insights about real-world assets to reach the financial ecosystem, unlocking capital flow to scale the energy transition. The announcement follows a series of recent developments at the company including, Fiùtur Design Studios launch,  EDM Council’s partnership with Fiùtur and Fiùtur’s participation in Digital Assets’ Canton Network.

As Fiùtur cultivates this multidisciplinary ecosystem of partnerships, the incremental value of the platform is magnified with each new participant, enhancing the collective capability to drive the energy transition forward. For more information about Fiùtur and its partner ecosystem, please visit [].


Ecosystem Partners Highlight:

EDM Council: EDM Council, a cross-industry trade association to advance data management and analytics best practices, is collaborating with Fiùtur to launch a strategic initiative to deliver open, trusted standards to drive information transparency, facilitate capital allocation and reduce risk in the rapidly evolving transition economy.  For more information on this collaboration, please read the article.

Canton Network by Digital Asset: The Canton Network launched by Digital Asset is the financial industry’s first privacy-enabled interoperable blockchain network designed to overcome the shortfalls of existing smart-contract blockchain networks and enables previously siloed systems in finance to become interoperable and synchronized in ways that had been impossible before. Fiùtur, along with prominent market players, participated in the first pilot for tokenized real world assets. For more information, please read the article.

Earth and Planet Labs: In partnership with leading satellite operator Planet Labs, Earth is transforming the monitoring, reporting, and verification of nature-based solutions. Through its community network technology, Earth empowers users with real-time, actionable insights through intuitive, engaging digital interfaces. Thereby improving transparency and decision-making on the frontlines of conservation, sustainability, and human rights.

Xpansiv: A pioneer in the environmental commodities market, Xpansiv operates the market infrastructure to scale the world’s energy transition. Its carbon and renewable energy registry, trading, portfolio management, and post-trade settlement platforms and operations are global market leaders. Xpansiv stands at the forefront of transaction and advisory services, playing a vital role in the carbon and energy transition markets.

Orbital Sidekick: Specializing in hyperspectral imaging, Orbital Sidekick offers persistent monitoring services that empower commercial and government organizations to achieve their sustainable operations, ESG, and security objectives. Their satellite technologies have made significant strides in environmental monitoring, including detecting methane and liquid hydrocarbon leaks.

Enerflex: A leading provider of sustainable energy infrastructure solutions, Enerflex deploys individual, modularized products and services to fully integrated custom solutions. Their proven expertise in delivering low-carbon solutions, including CCUS, electrification, bioenergy (including renewable natural gas), and hydrogen solutions, enables its client partners to meet their decarbonization goals while unlocking the monetization of emissions reductions and environmental performance.

Olympus Energy: Emerging from the rich natural gas history of Appalachia, Olympus Energy is committed to the safe and efficient development of clean, reliable domestic energy. Their efforts in operational excellence and responsible shale gas development underscore their pivotal role in the ecosystem.

Nammu21: At the cutting edge of digitization and analytics, Nammu21 is transforming the syndicated loan market with its proprietary NLP system. Their innovations in document deconstruction and operational efficiencies are bridging today's finance with the digital world of tomorrow.

Pollination: Pollination is a global climate investment and advisory firm solely dedicated to accelerating the transition to a net-zero, nature-positive and resilient future. A certified B Corp, Pollination brings together world leaders across finance, investment, technology, law and policy to connect the dots and see around corners, making them an essential strategic advisor in Fiùtur’s ecosystem.

DevvStream: This technology-based sustainability company focuses on the development and monetization of environmental assets, particularly in carbon markets. DevvStream's projects in renewable energy and carbon sequestration highlight the actionable paths toward sustainability goals.

Cultivo: Accelerating investment into nature, Cultivo uses proprietary algorithms and remote sensor technologies to identify and package high-quality projects for sustainable investment. Their work finances activities that restore and protect nature, contributing to the ecosystem's diversity.

Highwood Emissions Management: Focused on optimizing GHG emissions management through data analytics and software, Highwood's innovative approach to emissions reduction strategies represents the technical backbone of effective environmental stewardship.

CarbonAI: CarbonAi is a world-leading developer of large-scale greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction projects, as well as software tools to optimize the integrity of GHG reduction data, streamline the quantification of GHG reductions, support digital measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) and generate the highest-quality GHG outcomes. CarbonAi is teaming with Fiùtur to advance conventional practices and technologies towards a fully digitized GHG reduction ecosystem.

Process Ecology: Process Ecology Inc.: Through solid engineering foundations and innovative thinking, Process Ecology delivers holistic analysis and tools for optimization of oil & gas operations and other key industrial sectors. We guarantee seamless compliance with air emissions regulations and partner with clients to develop comprehensive mitigation and optimization strategies.

Clearstone Engineering: Clearstone is an international process and environmental engineering firm specializing in air emission assessments and industrial air pollution control. Clearstone has developed advanced measurement techniques and air pollution control systems to meet the changing needs of industry and to satisfy current and forthcoming changes in environmental regulations.

Aerologix: Aerologix is a Sydney-based drone start-up that provides a marketplace for clients to locate their local drone pilot to complete aerial imagery projects. They are a technology company that enables drone pilots to complete complex data captures, 3D surveys and photogrammetry through a widespread distribution platform.

Sust Global: Sust Global builds category-leading climate data solutions that empower organizations to decode financial impact of a changing climate. The solution includes quantitative support for regulatory disclosures, risk management and investment strategies.


About Fiùtur

Fiùtur has developed an open architecture to enable the programmatic encoding of governance and commercial terms across transparent, digitally enforced and automated measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) protocols to deliver provable, real-world outcomes to global markets. The Fiùtur ecosystem incorporates financial institutions and other capital providers, proprietary and public data sources, insurers, technical firms, certification bodies, industry players, project developers, environmental-commodity registries and markets, corporates, and a myriad of others.

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Fiùtur is led by world-renowned technology, finance, policy, regulation, and data experts, all working together to accelerate the energy transition through trust and transparency.